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At the origin of the creation of the software development company SZ Informatique SA, there is a simple observation: the user wants their computer system to meet their needs… However, in reality, companies often have the feeling like they have to “adapt to their computers”!

It is therefore quite naturally that SZ Informatique has specialized in the creation of custom solutions.

The software development company has been operating since 2000 under the leadership of Stephan Zwettler, formerly an independent software consultant. Our team, organized as an engineering office, offers you complete solutions.

Passionate and innovative, we rarely do the same thing twice, our vision focuses on innovative and new solutions, which is why we take into account existing solutions that already meet part of your needs to complete them using our expertise.

Over the years, we have established long-term collaborations with important companies in the region, whether public or private. We therefore maintain, develop and renew applications used by hundreds of people.

We analyze your entire current IT system, measuring the adequacy between your needs and your expectations in order to translate them into concrete terms of applications and tools to be implemented.

Standardized commercial products alone, often linked to expensive commissioning, are no longer sufficient to satisfy the growing need for efficient IT solutions.

Real personnalised advice, efficient and advantageous, can be provided by SZ Informatique and its team of qualified collaborators, trained in the most cutting-edge technologies and operating in close collaboration with their clients.

Because we want to offer the best experience to our customers, each project has a single contact, who knows you and your project, and this for the entire lifespan of the installation.

Our strenghs

Understanding your needs and goals
Technical analysis, specifics of your activity
Development, programming
Project management

How to create your custom software with us?

It all begins with a need
You have the ambition to stand out and/or optimize your activity, which is why you have chosen to call on a custom software development company. You have an idea and you present us with more or less detailed expectations. What you are looking for is a partner, an external supplier with whom you can collaborate to bring your project to life.
Things are becoming clearer
Your project may not yet be well defined, you have many questions, to which we will be able to provide answers, allowing you to imagine your custom solution. We discuss together to establish an analysis document that will meet the specifications submitted in order to model from A to Z all the solutions you need in detail.
From need to solution
Once the project has been defined and signed, our team moves into the development phase where we regularly deliver our work to you so that you can carry out your first tests. This allows us to refine gradually based on your feedback. We move forward together by iterating between our development work, your tests and our adaptations, in accordance with the AGILE method.
Your teams at the heart of the project
In all our projects, we include a team of beta testers among your employees, the end users for whom the solution is designed. We collaborate from the analysis phase to the validation of the software by you.
SZ Informatique supports you
Because your satisfaction is our priority, we train your teams in the use of your new software to ensure optimal integration.
Your new software is born
Your project goes into production, we then assist you with start-up and remain available for any necessary final adjustments.
SZ Informatique, a trusted supplier
Once your new software is implemented, we transfer ownership to you. Throughout the life of your software, the team that has supported you remains at your side to maintain it and make it evolve at your request according to your needs.

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