Hour tracking
Recording of working hours
Project management
Oversight and financial monitoring of your projects
Smartphone access
Manage working hours remotely

Why choose ModuleTimeSheet as your time management software?

Control your time and optimize your activity thanks to our time management software,Module TimeSheet. Developed and improved by our team over the years, Module TimeSheet integrates effortlessly into your IT ecosystem to allow you to improve the tracking of working hours as well as project monitoring including supervision and financial monitoring of your projects. Our software allows you to meet your legal obligations to monitor working hours as a company based in Switzerland. Like all our softwares, ModuleTimeSheet is also accessible on mobile thanks to its ergonomic app.

Benefits of ModuleTimeSheet

A 100% Swiss made product that offers you many features:

  • Management of work units (service, units, sectors, institutions, subsidiaries, etc.)
  • Managing employees and their skillsets
  • Management of employment contracts
  • Management of unavailability/absences with validation flow
  • Management of projects and budgets by type of activity
  • Management of actual working hours (attendance) with breakdown on projects (activities)
  • Mobile access for employees (Smartphones, Tablets and PCs)
  • Consistency check engine
  • Notification system
  • Management of related documents (attachments) on the main elements (Employees, Contracts, Projects)
  • Hour count per month and project for invoicing
  • Standard reports & extractions
  • Interface with your HR and billing systems

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