Manage the schedules of your operational teams
Communicate via Smartphone
Stay in constant contact with your teams on the move
Consistency check
Let the system do the checks and make a plan.

Why choose ModulePlanning as your scheduling software?

Benefit from over 20 years of experience in time management and real-time interactive scheduling tools by integrating our team scheduling software into your business ecosystem.

Module Planning, integrates effortlessly into your company’s IT structure with the IT tools you already use.

Benefit from great flexibility of use, the excellent adaptability and the particularly accomplished ergonomics of a 100% Swiss made product.

Experience exceptional quality support delivered directly from the publisher.

Protect your data with installation on your servers.

Benefits of ModulePlanning

Our scheduling software offers you a wide range of features at your team’s service.

ModulePlanning offers you the following main functionalities:

  • Management of planning units (department, units, sectors, etc.)
  • Managing employees with their skills
  • Management of schedules, tours and absences
  • Overtime and vacation calculation
  • Management of unavailability and replacements
  • Availability and on-call requirements
  • Management of activities to be carried out (tasks)
  • Resource management (material necessary for the activity)
  • Location management
  • Graphical and interactive planning management (Gantt format)
  • Communication with employees (smartphones and tablets, PC consultation screens)
  • Consistency check engine
  • Notifications and workflow system
  • Management of related documents (attachments) on all elements (employees, contracts, skills, resources, activities, locations, etc.)
  • Standard reports & extractions
  • Interface with your HR system

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