There are many reasons why you might see custom software as the best solution for your business. Although there are dozens of products available on the market to help you in your daily management, they do not always meet the specificities of your field.

This is why more and more companies are turning to custom solutions, because they have very specific needs that ERPs cannot meet.

Customized software is also the opportunity to stand out from your competitors using market software. Furthermore, your employees will benefit from an exceptional and unique user experience!

Go beyond the limits, thanks to custom softwares

Thanks to custom softwares, you become the owner of your product! Giving you complete independence from your suppliers and expensive licenses to renew every year.

By entrusting the realization of your project to SZ Informatique, you benefit from all the experience of a company whose specialty has been the creation of custom solutions for many years.

Our human-sized structure ensures you a high-quality local service. Our employees, loyal, motivated and available, chosen among the best, have, beyond their technical excellence, real communication skills and broad business knowledge. Just like your Key-Users, they vouch for the success of the project.

Professionalism, commitment and rigor are our strength which we put at the service of all the companies who put their trust in us. This is undoubtedly why they no longer consider us as a simple supplier but as a partner.

Our approach allows us to look at your problem in its entirety to define what can be covered by standard software and what will require a custom solution for your area of expertise.

We provide access to the following points:
• Understanding your needs and objectives
• Technical analysis, specifics of your activity
• Quality of the development and our work in general
• Project management and methodology
• Close collaboration with customers

Benefits of custom softwares

Software that fits perfectly with the needs of your business and your work processes, allows you to optimize your activity and save money thanks to a system that works for you.

It allows you to stand out from your competitors thanks to an improved customer experience, designed specifically for your area of expertise.

A custom software supports you in the growth of your business. Very scalable, it adapts to the needs and requirements of the company over time.

Beyond manufacturing a tool with good functional coverage, we consider from its design that your needs are subject to changes. Indeed, your fields of activity are expanding, the expectations of your employees are increasing, laws are changing, technological developments are opening up new possibilities from which you wish to take advantage.

This is why all our applications are designed to facilitate future developments. One of our ways to achieve this is the use of our Framework with its prefabricated objects with multiple functionalities activated according to your needs. Another point is the establishment of parameters for all basic information likely to evolve. Finally, we attach great importance to a clean and structured construction of the programs as well as to the good design of the database, which facilitates subsequent modifications.

This is why we generally pay a lot of attention to the analysis phase as well as successful ergonomics.

Creating a custom application means above all listening to users, understanding your business, your procedures and your working methods down to the smallest detail. But it also means having the creativity, engineering, methodology and finally the programming rigor necessary to create your ideal work tool. It is because all of this has been our area of expertise for many years that our clients have chosen us and continue to entrust us with important projects.

Software that belongs to you allows you to save money

You pay less! Many entrepreneurs think that custom software will not be worth the investment cost. Quite the opposite, because it will last much longer than a standard product. Once the development phase is over, you do not pay any fixed maintenance.

How much does custom software cost?

Choosing to create custom software that you own also means saving money for your business.

Why pay 100% for a software of which you only use 20% of the features?

By using solutions sized precisely for your activity, a custom solution is economically much more interesting.

Because it is designed specifically for you by our engineering office, the tailor-made software only contains features that you really need, thus making it less expensive to maintain.

It’s about achieving the 3 U’s: Useful, Usable & Used. Only an IT tool appreciated by its users is likely to last.

You are the owner, so you no longer have to pay costly annual maintenance to continue using the software without a useful update.

On average, standard software will be maintained and used for 10 to 15 years with maintenance or a license to be renewed each year for around 25% of the initial price.

Making you purchase it 2 to 3 times. A custom software can last for more than 25 years and you decide when you want to upgrade it!

Taking into account the lifespan of the software, a custom solution is the most economical for your business, not to mention the time saved thanks to a tool that better meets your needs.

Additionally, custom solutions allow you to be completely independent, freeing you from any obligation to the development company once the project is finished.

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